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Teachings on the Great Treatise
Tickets are still available.
  • Single-day tickets are now on sale for all days except July 13th .

  • For information regarding changes to the July 10th session, please see the July 10th Program page- CLICK HERE.

  • Please note that Great Treatise tickets do not provide access to the public talk. Tickets for this separate event, sponsored by Lehigh University, have been sold out. No more tickets remain for this event.

May 1998
Public Talk
Lehigh University is sponsoring His Holiness public talk entitled “Generating a Good Heart.” (For more details on Lehigh University's participation in His Holiness visit click here)
May 1998
Ordained Sangha Tickets
Special free tickets for the teachings on the Great Treatise are available for the ordained sangha (monks and nuns).
Additional Ticketing Information:
Ticket prices do not include meals or accommodations. (See Directions and Accommodations section. Vegetarian food will be available for purchase inside Stabler Arena, but no food will be allowed to be brought into the Arena.)

TO ORDER TICKETS: Visit TicketMaster.com or call TicketMaster at 215 336 2000 or 570 693 4100. To purchase tickets in person, go to any TicketMaster outlet or visit the Stabler Arena Box Office (weekdays 9am-5pm)

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Call the Stabler Arena Box office at 610 758 6611.

  - $300, may be purchased for six-day block only depending upon availability.
- available for individual days only at $45 per ticket. (Each single-day ticket covers both the morning and afternoon sessions). Seating capacity for the Sunday, July 13, morning session has been filled and tickets are no longer available.
Varying service charges will be added to the ticket price at all ticket outlets, including Stabler Arena Box Office.


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